chalice1 267x200Mission Statement: (Why we exist)

"To equip the spiritually hungry to express the passion and love of God in the way of Christ" (Acts 1:8)

Vision Statement: (Who we intend to be)

"To be a people committed to the journey as much as the destination"

Faith Statement: (What we believe)

"As the recipients of God's astonishing love for every human being through Jesus Christ, who we confess is the Son of the Living and Creative God, we proclaim Christ is our Way and the Lord and Savior of the world. Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection have released us to be a voice in the darkness as we seek to serve all people. We rejoice in God, maker of heaven and earth. We are called to encounters with God through the covenant of love forged in Christ. We enter into a new life through baptism and are made one with the whole people of God. With the Spirit of God guiding us, we join together on this journey and we become the church that is called out to be a touch point between heaven and earth, as we live life in the never-ending, awesome presence of the One Who Loves All."

Values Statement: (What we practice)

"To be a people of passion, belonging to one another without condition, living in communion with God and God's people, defining and refining our God-given life purposes, sharing the story of faith for all to hear."