ark1 244x200One of the most important jobs of the church—if not the most important—is building within our children a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. Congregations do this in many ways: Sunday School programs, youth groups, church camps, etc. Churches can do a lot—but the real frontline for Christian education of our children takes place in the home through the leadership of parents and grandparents. When kids see their mom or dad reading the Bible, praying at the dinner table, living out a Christ-like life in the home, Christian education can't get much better. Those are the kind of experiences that mold young and impressionable lives. While the church has an important role in the faith formation of its children, it is nonetheless a supplemental one.

Simply put, the primary responsibility for teaching children about God and God's love through Jesus Christ lies with the parents and grandparents. It is their job to tell and teach The Story. The scary thing for many is that they will have to reacquaint themselves with The Story before they can effectively share it. If that's the case, then everyone benefits. The whole family grows in understanding and knowledge, and they do it together. In other words, Christian education is a part of the family's very lifeblood in the home—and that lifeblood is enriched each day when the family enjoys a special time with God.

Church on the Journey is committed to helping equip moms and dads and grandparents to succeed in this crucial area of spiritual growth. By making teaching resources available along with a workable plan for daily family devotional time, Journey seeks to coach our families to success aided by hands-on support. We know that this may be way out of the comfort zone for many parents, but the potential payoff for the entire family is huge. Just think . . . the family reading the Bible together, praying together, talking about faith together, and acting as servants of Christ together . . . in the home. And when that's happening in the home, then you can bet those lessons will be more effectively lived out by family members in the real world. And when people are living in the real world, directed by the teachings of Jesus taught in the home, "Eureka!" That's what we call spreading the Good News to a frail and broken humanity in need of the love of Christ!

We all have the same goal: to grow children into committed followers of Jesus Christ, equipped with a faith that prepares them to make those tough life decisions that the world thrusts upon every person. Journey is not changing the goal—just the emphasis and method of achieving the goal. Ultimately, the Christian education function remains a partnership between parents and the Church. But should a child "fall through the cracks" and not receive the attention deserved, the "buck stops" at the feet of the parents and the Church—jointly. We all fail. We fail the child, each other and our Lord.

Therefore, let it be known that we at Church on the Journey will do everything we know to do, so that every child in our care experiences the love of Jesus Christ, learns how to live in that love and share that love with all. May God continue providing us the means to fulfill this joyous obligation!