At Church on the Journey, we accept and love people wherever they are on the road of faith. Some may be seeking to understand their own spirituality. Others may want to know more about Jesus Christ. Some may be ready to partner with Journey as we endeavor to further the Cause of Christ. And others may find themselves somewhere in between.

When considering the kind of relationship you want with Church on the Journey, we ask only that you visit with our minister—just so you can learn more about us. There are no tests to take. There are no dues to pay. While Journey embraces a series of identity statements that reflect the heart of who we are as a people, the bottom line is this: at Journey there is "no creed but Christ."

During a visit with the pastor, you will learn about God's vision for this church. We will talk about our ministries. We will talk about mission. We will also provide you with an opportunity to discover where you might fit in to serve Christ through the church.

At the end of our time together, you may have determined that Church on the Journey is not the place for you. On the other hand, you may be ready to accept Jesus Christ for the first time and wish to be baptized. Maybe you are a "seasoned" Christian and have found in Journey a place where you can serve. Or you may want to take things a little slower and "grow" awhile in the warmth and care of our Christian family.

Remember the bottom line: we want you wherever you are on the road!

Here's an important "sidebar": Our focus at Journey is not in attracting church members from other congregations—churched-folk are not whom God has called us to target. God has instead, brought us together to reach out to those who do not attend church and to those who are unfamiliar with the Good News of Jesus Christ. But with that said, we will love everyone who walks through our doors—we will turn no one away! In fact, we embrace the concept of multiple affiliations. In other words, should one wish to affiliate with Journey, we do not require a person to leave another church or "transfer out" just so they can belong to us exclusively. After all, we all belong to the One Body of Christ!

Here at Journey, we are reminded of the image of "journey" – an image of everyone on the road each and every day. These roads are filled with travelers scurrying down major thoroughfares, while others trudge down the beaten paths and uninhabited trails, one and all making the journey. But this journey is so much more meaningful when you choose to travel with others.

Remember, we are committed to the journey as much as we are to the destination. The road is long and winding—and we look forward to traveling it with you!